Make Christmas personal with my brand new hanging Christmas ornaments - perfect for the tree, place names for festive dinners or even keepsake tags for presents.


Each ceramic ornament can be personalised with names, initials, special dates, or simply festive or meaningful words, and then decorated with some simple stars.


Handwritten in a choice of colours and then complimented with a velvet ribbon, each ornament will also come in its own keepsake muslin bag for gifting and/ or safe keeping.


  • Please note that all ornaments are handwritten so differences in designs may occur.

    Ornaments written with black ink will be sealed with a clear varnish, however due to the metallic nature of the gold, silver and copper inks (and to ensure they stay shiny!) metallic writing is unsealed. Written in a permanent ink though, they can still be cleaned with a damp cloth and light touch!