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about a little bird

I'm at my happiest when I'm with friends or family and given the chance to entertain and host. Being able to create custom fine art calligraphy for such occasions seemed like a delightful cherry on the top! 


I have been complimented on my handwriting in the past, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago when a friend asked me to help with signs for her wedding that I felt like I had found a calling, and the rest is history! I've officially caught the bug, and taught myself modern calligraphy with the help of some brilliant workshops, and I am throughly enjoying the little journey it's taking me on.


I'm now making the most of my spare time, picking up my calligraphy pen, creating anything handwritten you could possibly need to add a personal touch or unique style to your wedding or special event (& a few little extras!). I'm also very excited to be offering modern calligraphy workshops for the first time!


My up and coming blog is also going to provide me with the perfect place to chat about ideas to help make your special events truly special, or just make everyday that bit more fabulous (bear with me...thats on it's way!)


Thanks for checking out my little space on the internet!


- Sophie

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